Popular Locations

Howe Park

Spencer, MA

Howe Park is a lovely little park within Spencer State Forest. It's one of my favorite spots because it features a waterfall, pond, and gorgeous stone walls in a peaceful, wooded setting.

Snow Pond at Fay Mountain Farm

Charlton, MA

Snow Pond and Fay Mountain Farm offer a perfect setting if you're looking for a rustic, country setting. It features spectacular foliage in the fall, but is beautiful in every season.

Moore State Park

Paxton, MA

Moore State Park is one of the prettiest spots in all of Central, MA. Use for photo sessions is limited to weekdays only (as of spring 2024) due to overcrowding. It has a beautiful covered bridge, two waterfalls, an historic mill, and plenty of stone walls. A photography permit is required, which must be reserved by me 2 weeks in advance so please plan accordingly.

Green Hill Park

Worcester, MA

Green Hill Park is a wonderful location with a reflecting pond and stunning Vietnam Veterans' memorial that makes a perfect backdrop for photos. It can get busy, especially on weekends, but it's a great place for portraits! I recommend it especially in early autumn.

Elm Park

Worcester, MA

Elm Park is an iconic Worcester landmark, and is always a great option for photos! The park can be crowded, but the two bridges over the pond are a must if you want to capture that classic Worcester vibe.

Bancroft Tower

Worcester, MA

A castle in Worcester? Yes indeed! Bancroft Tower is a unique backdrop for those looking for something a little different for their portrait setting.

River Bend Farm

Uxbridge, MA

River Bend Farm is a beautiful spot along the Blackstone River featuring a gorgeous bridge, barn-like visitor center, and lovely flat walking paths.

Purgatory Chasm

Sutton, MA

If you're outdoorsy, Purgatory Chasm is a perfect choice! Amazing rock faces and deep forests offer the perfect setting for those who love hiking, mountains, and woods.

Luks Tree Farm

Auburn, MA

While Christmas tree farms are traditional holiday portrait settings, Luks Farm is beautiful in all seasons! It's a great option for those local to Auburn who want to stay close to home.

Capon Hill Nature Sanctuary

Charlton, MA

Capon Hill is a fun location featuring an old barn, beautiful fields, little pond, and forests. There's also a very cool spiral staircase that gives an unexpected, industrial vibe.

Westville Dam

Sturbridge, MA

Westville Dam Recreation Area is a wonderful park featuring a river and reservoir, large fields, and plenty of gorgeous scenery.

Buffumville Dam

Oxford, MA

Buffumville Dam offers incredible lake views, rock walls, and beautiful forests.

Mount Wachusett Summit

Princeton, MA

It doesn't get much more epic than the top of a mountain! Sweeping views, a beautiful reflecting pond, and rock ledges make this a spectacular spot for portraits. Keep in mind that the summit road costs $5, and is only open seasonally. Sessions are subject to wind/weather conditions as well, so be prepared to be flexible!

Clark University

Worcester, MA

Clark University is a great option if you're looking for more of an urban vibe for your photo setting. Lots of brick and concrete make this a great choice! It happens to be my alma mater, so I know the lay of the land well. Summer is the ideal time for college campus portraits, since there are fewer people around.

Old Stone Church

West Boylston, MA

The Old Stone Church is an abandoned stone church located on the shores of Wachusett Reservoir. It's a stunning site, particularly right at sunset. Please note that this location is often very busy, does not permit dogs at all, and there is heavy poison ivy growth here. That said, it's a stunning option if you want water views and a stunning backdrop steeped in local history!